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Gardhouse, Linear & Hedge Garden, Nest Swing, Sky Lounge

6 Derbyshire facilities are designed to take everyone who resides inside to come a new level of sustainable lifestyle. Its prestigious architecture can catch perfectly the natural illumination from any orientation, the ventilation as well as stunning wiew of tranquil neighborhood surrounding.

Sustainable design of 6 Derbyshire

Sustainable design of 6 Derbyshire

6 Derbyshire Site Plan

6 Derbyshire Site Plan

There are so many luxury condo facilities that 6 Derbyshire bring into your life such as Drop off Point, Gardhouse, Lobby, Linear Garden, Hedge Garden, Nest Swing, Reflective Pond, Sky Lounge, Spa Pool, Aqua Deck, Gym, Fitness Station, among others.

6 Derbyshire- Add lush green to your experiences

6 Derbyshire will let you know that there is nothing more gratifying than lounging away amidst greenery, and even better, in the sky undisturbed by the hectic pace of the city. Enjoy the tranquility of two lush Sky Gardens on level 15 and level 25, where you can bask in the ambience or have some me-time. In addition, all communal areas in 6 Derbyshire will use LED lighting - an eco-friendly and cost-effective initiative.

6 Derbyshire facilities

Elevate your pleasure to the play deck

At 6 Derbyshire, you can get rare opportunities to take the enjoyment of condominium living to level 5, where you can indulge in a wealth of facilities from tranquil lounging corners to a-state-of-the-art gym, relaxing pool lap to the functional pavilion, the alfresco area for dining. Exercise away your daily stress or immerse yourself in the pleasures of the play deck.

6 Derbyshire facilities lap pool

Full Floor Plans of 6 Derbyshire always available for any request, you can take an overlook and contact us for more information.


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